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Dr Nigel Malcolm-Smith (pictured right) served as Finegand's honorary personal piper for some 37 years until his retirement at the Gathering in 2008.


A formal appreciation of his remarkable service appeared in the 2009 edition of the Clach A' Choilich. It is reproduced here.
Mr Ron Thom from Perth, Western Australia has now become the Chief's personal piper.

We are extremely lucky to have a number of other Clan Society members who play the pipes. These include:
Ian Coombs (Australia Branch Piper)
Alasdair Thom (Visiting Australia)
Adam MacThomas (Germany)
Former Australian Secretary, Ken McColm, is also an accomplished musician and entertained members well into the night at the 2008 and 2011 Gatherings in Glenshee. 



There are a number of songs, pipe and dance tunes that are relevant to the Clan or its territory. These include:    

MacThomaidh Mhor na Finegand (To the tune Brodag ain McOmish).

The Shepherd of Glenshee (A Song to the tune: The Lass of Glenshee).

Finegand's March (A March by John Garroway).

March of the MacThomas (A march by Ian Cameron).

Lady Finegand (A Slow Air by John Garroway).

Clach a' Choilich (A Piobaireachd by John Goodenow).

MacThomas Bridge ( A descriptive piece by Jim McCombie).

Praising of Clan MacThomas (composed by Adam MacThomas)

Mr Thom (A dance tune for piano & fiddle).
Thomson's Dirk (Played as a reel).
The Snowberry Bush (Strathpey by Judy Caulfield).
Shee Water (A jig by Judy Caulfield).
The Blackcock's Feather (Strathspey by Judy Caulfield).
Glenshee (A slow air by Donald MacLeod)
Technology prevents us from reproducing any music here. However most of this can be found in "The History of the Clan MacThomas".
One of our newest members, Mr Jack Thomson from Yorkshire tells us that he plays in a Ceilidh band, The Hayriders. One of the other members of his band, Caroline Blair, has written tunes which have been inspired by the Clan. These are called:
Spittal of Glenshee
Libby's Welcome to Clan MacThomas (After one of our youngest members)
(There are more details in the 2009 edition of Clach A' Choilich and the Member's Activities section of this website).
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