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Family History and DNA


The use of selected DNA markers for family history research is becoming more and more common and sophisticated. Our Clan Sennachie, Grahame Thom, is interested to hear from any member who has had their DNA tested for genealogical purposes or who is thinking of requesting a test. He can be contacted by clicking here. Thank you.


Added 18/01/2015

WW1 Commemoration


We are keen to commemorate the start of the First World War in 1914 by publishing articles on the website describing the contribution that MacThomas Clansfolk made to the war effort.


If you can compose such an article then please contact the Sennachie.


Added 01/03/2014  

Family History Stories


We have recently added a "Family History Stories" feature to the Genealogy section of the website. If you have a story about one of our Clansfolk that you think should be included then please contact the Sennachie. He will be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.


Added 25/01/2014

Clan connections in Germany

Several of the sept names of the Clan appear in records relating to present day Germany; especially Thoms and Thom. Sennachie is interested in hearing from anyone who has been able to find links from Germany to Scotland for any families having sept names.


To contact Sennachie please click here.


Added 15/05/2011

Thom information required.


Member, Martina Thom, is trying to complete her family tree. She is trying to establish the parents of Robert Thom who married Margaret Ritchie in May 1807 at New Monkland in Lanarkshire. They had at least three children, Robert in November 1807, James in June 1809 and William in March 1811.


Martina would like to make contact with anybody else researching Robert and Margaret. If you can help please contact the Sennachie who will be happy to put you in touch.


Added 03/02/2011

Treasurer needs help!!

(And not with the Accounts)


Society Treasurer & Webmaster, Jon Hedges, is keen to develop his personal family tree - if he ever finishes this website and has a little more time on his hands. To quote Finegand - "You will not know what to do with your time next year Jon!".


Jon is the Great Great Grandson of George Thoms, the brother of Patrick Hunter MacThomas Thoms, the 15th Chief of the Clan. Using this and the Chief's family tree he has managed to trace his ancestry back to the 1500's - click here.


However there lots of branches that still need filling in order to complete the picture. If you have information that might help please contact Jon via the following link - Treasurer.


Added at Launch

Updated 03/02/2011


Please contact the Sennachie or the Webmaster if you would like your appeal added to this section. The Society reserves the right to edit or decline to publish items.


Added 02/03/2011