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Genealogy Articles
Articles on Genealogy have regularly appeared in the Clan MacThomas magazine, Clach A' Choilich. A number of these are reproduced on this website. We have also added relevant articles from other media sources.
Please use the buttons below to read these articles.

Articles from Clach A' Choilich/Clach na Coileach



Beginning your family history

Golden rules of researching your family history

Family History Research- Births, Deaths and Marriages

(From Clach Extra 2010)

The internet has changed the way our roots can be traced

Genealogical Research in Australia and New Zealand

(From Clach A' Choilich Volume 3 Number 2)

Changes to the Chief's Tree

(From Clach A' Choilich Volume 6 Number 6) 

Family History Research

(From Clach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 2) 

The Family of our Seventh Chief Revisited 

(From Clach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 4)

The House of Aberlemno - Revisited

(From Clach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 5) 


Three Scottish Memorials - Linking the 10th and 16th Chiefs

(From Clach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 5) 


The Latta Manuscript

(From Clach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 5)  

Angus - 10th Chief                             !! Coming Soon !!

(See hard copy ofClach na Coileach Volume 7 Number 6) 

Scottish Naming Patterns        


Other Articles



Scottish Records by Sennachie, Grahame Thom 

McCombie - a One-Name Study by Hamish McCombie.

Writing Your Life Story by Sennachie, Grahame Thom.


Odom Library MacThomas Articles Collection.  


The Campbell Connection by Hamish J. Thoms.   


The Balfour Question by Hamish J. Thoms.


The Hunter Connection by Sennachie, Grahame Thom.  -!! Recent !!


The Jameson Connection by Hamish J. Thoms. - !! Updated !!  


David Pitcairn Thoms by Hamish J. Thoms. - !! New !!


The Watt Connection by Hamish J. Thoms. - !! Latest !!  


McCombs in America by Abbie McMillen - !! New !!


A Surname Puzzle by Sennachie, Grahame Thom. 


David Comee's Origin by Sennachie, Grahame Thom. 


Articles by Roger Pye


Use this button to access the separate section of the website containing articles by our first Sennachie, Roger Pye.


Further articles will be added here from time to time.



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