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Articles by Roger F. Pye
Roger Pye was the Clan's first official Sennachie. He contributed many articles to the early editions of Clach A' Choilich and a number of these are reproduced here.
Much of this content is protected (marked with a padlock) and only available to current Clan MacThomas Society Members who have applied for a log-on. To get further information about logging on please click here.

Articles on Clan History


McComie Mor - New Light on an Old Falacy

Clan MacThomas - Its Origin and Early Chiefs

Clan MacThomas - The Lairds of Finegand

Clan MacThomas - The Lairds of Forter

Clan MacThomas - The Years of Obscurity

Clan MacThomas - The Lairds of Aberlemno

McComb's in America

Articles on Heraldry 


MacThomas Heraldry - The House of Aberlemno

MacThomas Heraldry - MacThomas of Finegand

MacThomas Heraldry - The House of Easterskene

MacThomas Heraldry - The House of Dalkilry 

Matriculation of Houses of Finegand & Aberlemno  

Other Articles 


The Latta Manuscript  -  !! New !!

The MacThomas Tartan 


Abbreviations & Terms



Please select this button to read the Sennachie's explanation of some of the abbreviations and technical terms used in Roger Pye's articles.


Please click here to read about more about Roger Pye.
Much of the content of these articles has been used in the preparation of the book "The History of the Clan MacThomas" which was compiled and published in 2009 by Andrew MacThomas of Finegand, 19th Chief of Clan MacThomas. Please click here to find out how to obtain a copy of the book.
Last Updated 17/01/2016