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Genealogy Books


There are many “how to” books for just about every aspect of genealogical research.Also many of the major genealogy web sites have online guides covering a large range of topics for many countries, such as it is handy to have some good books at home for reference and the following is a very limited selection.Please appreciate this list is a guide only and does not come with any particular recommendations.


Also included below are links to book shops selling genealogy items.Further, to get some idea of the range of books available it is useful to visit a country’s National Library web site and search their online catalogue.Many books published in any one country also cover research in other countries.


If you are just starting out to research your family tree it is highly recommended that you obtain a good genealogy computer program so as to record your findings.The online bookshops below all sell a good selection of computer programs.




Tracing your Scottish Ancestors: The Official Guide - by the National Archives of Scotland.[New edition published December 2011]


Scottish Genealogy - by B. Durie


Scottish Family History on the Web - by S. Raymond


S & N Genealogy -

National Library of Scotland -


England & Wales


The Family Tree Detective: A manual for Tracing Your Ancestors in England and Wales - by C. Rogers


Starting your family history - by M. Ward


Tracing your family history - by A. Adolph


S & N Genealogy -

British Library -




Compiling Your Family History - by Society of Australian Genealogists


Family History for Beginners and Beyond - by Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra


Gould Books -

National Library of Australia -


United States


The Handybook for Genealogists


The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy - by Val D. Greenwood -

Library of Congress - -




Starting Out in Genealogy - by Ruth Burkholder


Canadian Family History in the 21st Century - by Fawne Stratford-Devai -

Library and Archives Canada -


Grahame Thom



Added 10/07/2010

Updated 15/12/2011