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Clan MacThomas Data
This page contains links to data that has been prepared by the Society to assist its members with their genealogical research.
This is an ongoing project and new types of data will be added from time to time.
If you would like to assist with this project then please contact the webmaster.
Please note that our research is based upon the main Sept names. In some cases the names Thomson and/or Thomas have been excluded because of the volume of data involved. 


World War One Australian MacThomas Enlistments


Information extracted from the Australian war Memorial website. This includes an example of detailed research for a distinguished "Thoms".

MacThomas Clansfolk killed during the 1st World War   

This section contains details of people with

the exclusive Clan surnames killed during World War I and commemorated by the Commonweath War Graves Commission.  

British Red Cross volunteers with Clan sept names during World War 1

This data has been extracted from the British Red Cross website and gives details of people with Clan surnames who volunteered during World War 1.  

Wills from Scotland for people with the main MacThomas Sept names

This data has been extracted from the ScotlandsPeople website and is now viewed on this site. 

Wills for Scottish Soldiers with the main Clan names 


This data been extracted from information recently added to the Scotlandspeople website.


MacThomas data from the Scottish Catholic Registers 


This data been extracted from information on the Scotlandspeople website.  !! New !!


Wills from England for people with the main MacThomas Sept names

Data extracted from various English sources covering mainly the 18th and 19th centuries.


MacThomas at Waterloo


Data extracted from Ancestry about possible clansmen at the Battle of Waterloo 1815.



MacThomas in the

Boer War


Data for soldiers with Clan MacThomas names who were casualties of the Boer War - 1899 - 1902.

Voter Registers for Fife


Data for people with MacThomas sept names on the Voter Registers for the Fife area 1832 - 1894.



MacThomas on Prison



Data for people with Clan MacThomas names who were held on Prison Hulks - 1802 - 1849.


MacThomas at the Old Bailey


List of people with MacThomas names who appeared in various roles at the Old Bailey - 1674 - 1813. 


MacThomas Emigrants to the USA


A limited extract of emigrants with MacThomas sept names to the USA before 1856 taken from a book by genealogist Donald Whyte.


MacThomas Emigrants to Canada


A limited extract of emigrants with MacThomas sept names to Canada before 1867 taken from a book by genealogist Donald Whyte.

Many thanks to Clan Sennachie, Grahame Thom, for his help in providing much of the data for this part of the website. Webmaster.


Added 22/02/2010
Last Updated 30/01/2018