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Genealogy Research Templates                                                      
To assist with recording the birth, death and marriage details of your ancestors, a search of the internet will find many printable templates in several designs and having various uses. However, there are two templates that are paricularly useful - the pedigree chart and the family group sheet. Many members may also want to record their ancestors on what is sometimes called a Descendant Chart. The format for this chart can be quite variable because of the varying number of children in a family for each generation. This means it is impossible to design a standard format for this chart to fit on an A4 or A3 page.
Pedigree chart
This records the direct ancestors of the person listed on line number 1. Males are usually recorded on even numbered lines with females named on the odd numbered lines (or the reverse). This chart is a summary of the data obtained through research and may be used in conjunction with a family group sheet.
Where details of earlier generations are known, say for ancestor number 10, then use another sheet starting with number ten recorded as number 1. Give each sheet a number at the top right hand corner and use that number as a reference on the previous sheet.
As a pedigree sheet only records direct ancestors, it can be supported by a family group sheet.
Family Group Sheets
These provides additional information about the family of each couple named on the pedigree chart.  They can also be used to record any associated family.
A family group sheet can be numbered to correspond with the ancestor number on the pedigree chart. There is also space to record the source of the information. If there are more children in the family than twelve then use an extra form.
Please click on the buttons below to access and print copies of the templates or view examples of the completed forms.

Pedigree Chart - A4 Size

Pedigree Chart - A3 Size (Larger)

Family Group Sheet - A4 Size

Family Group Sheet - A3 Size (Larger)


Pedigree Chart Example (A3)

Family Group SheetExample (A3)




The example documents should be considered as work in progress as further research may fill in some of the gaps.  



Paper sizes - A4 measures 210 × 297mm (8.27 × 11.69 inches) and A3 measures 297 x 420mm (11.69 x 16.53 inches). 

Webmaster Note:
Some of the lines on these templates may not look perfect when they are displayed on screen. Hower they should look much better when printed or enlarged. This appears to be a "feature" of thin lines on PDF documents.
Added 05/02/2016
Last Updated 16/02/2016