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Family Trees
This page contains links to family tree information provided by Clansfolk.
It is hoped that this data may assist others with their family research and may even connect long lost relatives.
On some of the trees triangle shaped coloured symbols - - indicate the countries of birth and death of the subject, where this is known. There is a key to the colours on each tree. Clicking on the square shaped symbols found on some trees - - will link the reader to additional information or photographs.
Certain of the Family Trees in this area are protected and can only be viewed by Society Members by entering their log on details. Please click here if you do not already have a log on.
Some entries below include brief information on an early Clansfolk ancestor so as to indicate earliest ancestor researched.
Main Surname

Further Information                                                     

Chiefs of Clan MacThomas 

1400's - Late 1700's


Late 1700's - Early 1900's


1800's - Current



A tree from Australia.



The tree for members from the USA.   



A member from England's tree.   !!! New !!!

(with connections to McCombie)


The Pye Family tree.


A US member's Thom tree.



An Australian member's Thom tree.              


A UK member's Thom tree.



Another UK member's Thom tree. 


The Sennachie's tree.

(Robert Thom b 1775, Lanarkshire, m Helen Dalziel)



A US member's Thom tree.   


The Thoms Branch (stirps) in Germany.

(Henry Thoms b 1798, Dundee, m Emile Sophie Nöltingk)


The Vice President's tree. 


The Webmaster's tree.

(George Thoms b 1768, m Elizabeth Hunter)



The European Secretary's Tree  !!! New !!!


A Canadian member's Thoms Tree.


A member's Thomson tree.


A tree for our Norwegian Members.


If you have information that you would like to share with your clansfolk please send it to the webmaster - It would help if it was in the format for the enties already here.

Added 01/07/2010
Last Updated 17/09/2015