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Genealogy Websites
This page list organisations and websites that may help Clansfolk investigate their own family histories.
Links to Websites:

The Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives.


Cyndi's List details many relevant genealogysites on the web.




A Guide to UK & Ireland genealogy research.



Scottish Government records for births, deaths, marriages, censuses & parish registers.

Scotlands Places 



Information by location. A growing resource. 

National Library of Scotland



Complete with Family History Guide.



Census Records.



US Version of Ancestry.



World wide genealogical data, including data extracted from UK Parish Registers.

National Archives of Scotland



Scottish Archive Network



Internet access to the written history of Scotland.

Statistical Accounts of Scotland  

Detailed information about all Scottish parishes 1791-1845.              

National Archives



The UK Government's official archives including census data for England and Wales.

Cora Num




An index and links to a multitude of Genealogy websites for Australia and


Scottish Places



The Gazetteer for Scotland


BBC Family History



Some thoughts on the use of DNA in Family Research

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Last Updated 04/05/2014