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The Chief's Coat of Arms                                                                                  


The Coat of Arms of the 19th Chief of Clan MacThomas   


The above Coat of arms is entirely personal to the current Chief. The shield is supported by a Cockerel and a Blackcock and surmounted by a Crest containing a Scottish Wildcat and a serpent. The significance of all the elements is described in detail in the book "The History of the Clan MacThomas".


The Chief's motto Deo Juvante Invidiam Superado can be translated to "I shall overcome envy with God's help".


The Crest Badge

Details and a picture of the Clan MacThomas Crest Badge appear on the

The Standard


The 19th Chief's Standard is illustrated on the right. It is features the red and gold MacThomas livery colours and includes many of the images associated with the Clan - a wildcat, a green serpent and snowberry plants. The standard is four yards long.


The standard is generally flown at the appointed gathering point for the clan which, in the case of the MacThomases , is the Cockstane.


The Banner


The 19th Chief's Banner is illustrated to the right. A banner is the Chief's personal flag and, except in exceptional circumstances, is only used when he is present. It is carried in procession immediately behind the Chief or it can be flown on a flagpole when he is present.


The banner is 33 inches long and 42 inches high and bears the Chief's coat of arms as it appears on his shield.


The Pinsel 



The Standard



The Banner

The pinsel (not illustrated) is a triangular flag which can be flown when the chief is not present. The MacThomas Pinsel has a red background and bears the strap and buckle crest and plant badges together with the Chief's designation and motto.

Further information about Heraldry and Flags can be found in the book

"The History of the Clan MacThomas".

Note: Various articles regarding Heraldry can be accessed via the "articles" menus of the Genealogy section of this website

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