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Clan MacThomas

The official website of the Clan MacThomas Society

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Members Area
This area of the website contains material that is specifically designed to be of interest to members. This includes items that have been suggested by members and content of a more informal nature. 
Some pages in this area are available for all to see and others are be restricted to Society Members. Many of the links to the left give access to the "public" items.
The new "Useful Information" section contains information which may be helful to members visiting Scotland in general and Glenshee in particular.
The "Change of Address" section contains forms which members can use to advise the Society of changes of postal address, e-mail address etc. 
There are now pages across the website where access from menus is restricted to Society members - the Society Council feel that it is important that subscribers get something extra.
However we have retained a Member's Secure Area where items relating to the running of the Society can be found. If you are already logged on then this area can be accessed via the "Member's Secure Area" link to the left. If you are not logged on then select the "Member's Log On" link. This page also gives information about applying for a User Name and Password.  
Amongst the items that displayed in the secure area are:
Significant Anniversaries

Details of New Members

Copies of Society Newsletters

Copies of Branch Newsletters

The minutes of past AGM's

AGM proxy forms

Branch Meeting information & proxy forms

The results of various surveys

The rules of the Society

Other items of interest to members


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