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Books & Articles
This page contains details of books and articles that may be of interest:

Clan MacThomas  

The History of the Clan MacThomas


Andrew MacThomas of Finegand

Published privately 2009 Details

Clach Na Coileach 

Roger F Pye (1975)

Families of M'Combie and Thoms**

William McCombie-Smith (1887)

Scottish Clans  (including Tartans)


The Clans, Septs and Regiments

 of the Scottish Highlands 

Frank Adam (1908)


Homelands of the Scots  

Roddy Martine (1981) 

Scottish Clan and Family Names

Roddy Martine (1987) 

Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia 

George Way and Romily Squire (1994)

The Highlands 

Tales of a Highland Parish


Rev T. D. Miller (1929)

(A former Minister in Glenshee)

Scotland  (General)  
A History of Scotland 

John D. Mackie (1964) 

Discover Scotland's History

A. D. Cameron (1998) 

Highland Clansman 1689-1746 

Stuart Reid (1987)  

In Search of Scotland 

H. V. Morton (1929) 

Scotland: From Prehistory

to the Present

Fiona Watson (2003)


Scotland from 1603 to the present


George S. Pryde (1962)


Scotland's Story 

Tom Steel (1984) 

Scottish Customs 

Sheila Livingstone (2000) 

The Highland Clearances 

Eric Richards (2000) 

The Scots in Australia 

Malcolm Prentis (2008) 

Please visit the Genealogy Books page on this website 




** An electronic copy of an early edition of this book can be read on line using the

following link.



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