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Clach Na Coileach
The Society Magazine, Clach na Coileach, is published and sent to all members each summer or autumn.
The name of the magazine has changed over the years. The early editions of the magazine in the 1960's and early 70's were named Clach na Coileach. The name was later changed to Clach A' Choilich - the reason for this change is lost in the mists of time. Council decided to revert to the original name from the start of volume 7 in 2012.  
The 2016 edition (Volume 7, Number 5) has now been despatched to all current members across the world. It features photographs of the Chief's visit to the Stone mountain Games in the US and full information about the Clan MacThomas 2017 Highland Gathering in Scotland.
"Clach Extra 2016" will be published on the website early in the New Year. It will include a full list of the articles in the printed magazine and colour versions of many of the black and white photographs. There will also be links to previous editions of "Clach Extra" and to selected articles from previous year's magazines.
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Back Copies


Back copies of the Clach na Coileach are available to members. We have reasonable stocks of most editions from Volume 5 Number 3 onwards and a very small number of a few editions from Volumes 2 and 3. If you require copies please contact the Society Treasurer. We will ask for a contribution towards the cost of postage and packing.



Clach on CD Rom


Member Jan Rogers from USA has scanned all the back issues of the Clach A'Choilich onto CD Rom Discs and these can now be purchased by members. In the first instance please contact the Merchandise Manager for further information.




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Last Updated 21/12/2016