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A number of enquiries have been received by the Society about the correct manner in which to address the Chief. We are repeating here guidance that has been given in various editions of the Clach A' Choilich and elsewhere.
At Gatherings


At formal gatherings it is normal to address the Chief as "Finegand" and his wife, Anneke, as "Lady Finegand". Scots tend to be a little more formal and, when introduced, hands should be shaken at an appropriate distance - less formal methods of greeting are likely to result in embarrassment.


Lady members and guests are reminded that if they wish to wear tartan sashes at Ceilidhs and other formal events then these should be worn on the right shoulder. Only Her Majesty the Queen, the wives of Scottish Chiefs and the wives of the Colonels of Scottish regiments are entitled to wear sashes on the left shoulder.




Letters and e-mails to the Chief should normally be addressed "Dear Finegand".

The envelope for mail should be addressed "MacThomas of Finegand" followed by the Society's correspondence address which is shown on the Contacts page of this website. On specific occasions we may ask you to use the Society Treasurer's address in England.




Added 12/07/2010