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Joining the Society                                                             
Frequently Asked Questions
         Am I entitled to join the Society?


         ●    How do I join?


         ●    How much does it cost to join?


         ●    What do I get for my subscription/annual dues?


         ●    Why can't I pay by PayPal?


         ●    Can I pay by Bankers Order or Direct Debit in Future Years?




The above links work best on Microsoft Explorer browsers. If they do not work for you then please simply scroll down this page until you find the appropriate answer.

If your question is not answered by the above questions then please contact the Society Membership Secretary or the Branch Secretary/Convenor for your Country using the following links:




USA or Canada 


If you prefer you can write to us at the address on our main Contacts page.



















Q. Am I entitled to join the Society?


A.  Admission to membership is normally extended to all those having some

      connection with one of the clan surnames (septs) listed below. Interested

      well-wishers without such a connection may be offered associate membership.



















        However further checks will be required for those with connections to the

      surnames Thomas and Thomson. There is much more information about

      establishing whether you are a "MacThomas" in the Clan Sept section of this


























Q. How do I join?


A. Having established that you are entitled to be a member then please

download the membership form for your country from the How to Join

page of this website. Please mail the completed application form to the

address shown on the form with a cheque/check for you first year's

subscription. There is no joining fee.

Alternatively join on line by clicking here.


































Q. How much does it cost to join?


A. The annual subscription/dues and type of membership available varies from

branch to branch. Details are given at the foot of the relevant membership

application form. There is no joining fee.

At present the Society are not offering Life Memberships.
































Q. What do I get for my annual subscription/dues?


A. In return for their subscription/dues each member receives a copy of the

Society's annual magazine "Clach Na Coileach" and periodic Society and

Branch newsletters. The Society holds regular gatherings in the Clan's

ancient lands in Glenshee to which all members are invited. Full details

of these and other activities around the world can be found on this website.

There is also a secure area of this website containing lots of additional

information which can only be viewed by members.


There is a great opportunity of Members who want to do so to become

actively involved in work for the Society or in investigation of their family

history within the context of the clan, affording immense interest and

satisfaction. However none of this is compulsory and many Members may

wish to take a less active part, satisfied in the knowledge that their

membership helps to make possible the broadening of awareness of the

Clan and its history, and the preservation of its traditions.


Members can purchase Clan Merchandise from the Shop elsewhere on this

















Q. Why can't I pay via PayPal?


A. There are two reasons that we do not accept payments via PayPal for


i) PayPal remits payment to the Society in the UK. However

subscriptions/dues , or part of them, are collected in the country

where the branch is based.

ii) The subscription/dues is fairly small and the commission taken by

PayPal would significantly reduce the amount received by the


Under exception circumstances European Branch members may

be permitted to remit an increased membership fee via PayPal. Please

contact the Society Treasurer for details.



















Q. Can I pay by Banker's Order or Direct Debit in future years?


A. Members in the UK can pay by Banker's (Standing) Order. Indeed, the

Society encourages this since it significantly reduces our administrative

burden. If you would like to take advantage of this facility then please

contact the Society Treasurer who will be glad to send you the appropriate






























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