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Travel in Scotland
This page contains links to websites giving information about travel and traffic conditions in Scotland.

Road Travel in Scotland






Current Information from Traffic Scotland.

(This site generally only shows information for

so called 'Trunk Roads' and Traffic Scotland do

not consider the A93 through Glenshee to be a Trunk Road). ** 

Scottish Travel Information



From the BBC.

(Sorry - Sadly No longer available).


Safety Cameras in Scotland** 




We would not encourage members to speed

but this may be useful for visitors.

Glenshee is considered to be "North". 

A93 Snowgate Camera 1



View at the Spittal of Glenshee.

Camera provided by the Glenshee and Strathardle

Tourist Association.*********

A93 Snowgate Camera 2*  




View just outside Braemar.

Camera provided by the Braemar Community. ***** 

A93 Camera at Glenshee

Looking South


View from the Perth & Kinross Council camera

looking SOUTH on the A93 in Glenshee - North of

the Spittal of Glenshee*.  

A93 Camera at Glenshee

Looking North


View from the Perth & Kinross Council camera

looking NORTH on the A93 in Glenshee - North of

the Spittal of Glenshee*.  

A93 Camera at South Persie



View from the Perth & Kinross Council camera

looking North on the A93 in South Persie - just

North of Bridge of Cally*. **** 

A93 Twitter Page 



Contains news of Snowgate Closures on the A93.


Perth & Kinross Facebook Page 

This facebook page contains information on the

closure of the Snowgates at the Spittal of Glenshee

and other traffic information for Perthshire. 

Glenshee Ski Centre  

Contains information about travel conditions in

the immediate area. 

Note: * - Camera images are usually updated every 15 minutes. However there have been problems on various occasions. 

Please advise the Webmaster of sites that could be added to this page.


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Last Updated 25/11/2017

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