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Australian Branch
European Branch
North American Branch
North American Branch
The US and Canada Branches merged into a single Branch in 2006. This was originally called the "US and Canada Branch" but was renamed the "North American Branch" in 2013. Because our members are scattered from North, South, East and West, living in 20 or so US states and 4 Canada provinces, regional representatives host tents at highland games and festivals as a way of bringing area members together and recruiting new members. Details of future events and photographs of previous ones can be found using the buttons below.


Branch general meetings have been held at various locations in the US. Gatherings are often scheduled in conjunction with Highland Games or Festivals and also include other activities, such as area tours and special local events. We are looking forward to having a Branch meeting in Canada in the future.


Members of the Branch receive the printed Clan magazine, "Clach na Coileach", once a year, Society newsletters from Scotland and regular Branch newsletters which are, where possible, published electronically.
The Branch Convenor, Rob McComas, can be contacted using the following link.
To find out more about joining the Branch and the Society please click here.

Branch Events


Events in the US & Canada at which the Clan will be represented during 2018. !! Updated !!

Essay Competition 

Details and rules for the 2018 Competition.

!!!! Updated !!!!

Branch News   

News from the North American Branch.    

Branch Meetings Announcements relating to forthcoming Branch Events and Meetings.
Membership Payments  Pay your membership dues or make donations on line using PayPal. 

Branch Secure Area

Shortcut to North American area in the Members Secure Area - (Log On required).

Members in

Photographs of Branch members in Scotland.   



Photographs of Branch Members at Branch Meetings in the US and Canada.


Map showing the distribution of Branch members across the US and Canada.  



Details of the North American Branch Officers.       

Chief's Visit 2013   

All information relating to the Chief's visit to the Greenville Games in May 2013.  

Highland Games 

Photographs of Clan participation at Highland Games and Festivals in the US and Canada.  


Members of the US & Canada

Branch are pictured manning the Clan MacThomas tent at the Loch Norman Highland Games.


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