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Clan Macthomas Website - WARNING                                            

Important Message from the Webmaster
As a result of a recent update of the Microsoft software that is used to host and build this website we have become aware that a number of issues have arisen. We are doing our best to fix these as soon as we can - but in some cases this is proving extremely difficult. It is sad to report the Microsoft have been most unhelpful.
In order to avoid some, but not all, of the issues we strongly recommend that you always use a Microsoft Explorer or Edge browser to view this website.
We give below details of some of the issues of which we are aware. If you find others please let us know by using this link.
Apologies for the inconvenience. WM. 

Problems logging on
As a result of the upgrade the secure page log on process is not working as expected. The software to manage this process is provided by a third party and they have advised that at this time they do not have a version of their program that is compatible with the latest Microsoft upgrade.
The symptom for this problem seem to vary according to browser and the operating system on your computer or device. Sometimes a completely white screen will appear (with URL in the browser address bar) and on other occasions a screen will appear advising that "This content cannot be displayed in a frame" (or similar) and prompting you to "Open this content in a new window" - see the image below. In either case your log on has actually been successful but the usual menu has simply failed to display.

The solutions are as follows:
1.  If the prompt illustrated above appears simply click on the "Open this
     content in a new window" link and the usual menu should appear. 
2.  If a plain white screen appears press the "Back Button" on your browser
     once (or more times if necessary) until the Clan MacThomas website appears.
     Then use the normal menu options to access page that you wish to
     access. The following link may prove useful:  Logged On Menu.
Whilst this problem continues we strongly suggest that you should log on as soon as you visit the website - and not wait for a pop-up to appear when you try to access a secure page.

Issues with "Back" buttons
We have noticed that the "back" buttons which appear at the top that appear at the top of many of our pages are not working on some browsers - particularly Chrome. The solution is to use the back button on your browser or, better still, a Microsoft Explorer or Edge browser.
Added 19/04/2017
Last updated 17/05/2017